Friday, March 25, 2011

LOVE YOUR BODY Registration

I went to The Body shop today to be a member of their Love Your Body Club. I heard they will officially be launching their Moisture White Shiso BB Cream and the first 100 LYB members will have a gift pack. I decided to be a member so that I can join them on the said launch on the 27th of March. Besides, they will be offering other activities that will surely be informative for the loyal shoppers of The Body Shop.

Upon membership, they gave me my Rewards Card and the Beauty Book that contains vouchers that offer discounts, and tips on how to use their products. The staff explained to me how the points system works and that my card is valid for two years but I have to renew it annually. I filled up my particulars and paid P300 for it. As an additional, they also gave me a pair of Wild Cherry Shower Gel and Lotion for free.

Had I known that being a member was so easy and fast, I would have applied for one sooner! :) Thanks The Body Shop!


  1. Oh ive been meaning to join the club but dont use a lot of the body shop items enough to maximize the privileges :( is it lifetime?

    btw you may email me if you want to try the sunflower beauty oil as i ship anywhere in the world :D

  2. Thanks! I totally recommend you to try it. lyb membership is a one-time registration and succeeding renewal is free :)

    being a member also entails you to their exclusive events like launches and workshops (first dibs on new products) so it's not limited to product discounts :)